More About Dr.Hassan

Khaled Hassan, M.D.

Dr. Hassan finished his internal medicine and surgery internship at Dhaka Medical College in 1993. He finished his internal medicine residency at Forest Park Hospital, Saint Louis, and has served the community for 25 years.

Dr. Hassan spent four years at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston. AMA, ACP, and other groups include him. He believes in Regenerative Medicine and has undergone ‘Stem Cell Procedure’ courses, including ‘R 3 Stem Cells Training.’

He consults with a few clinics and treats patients with joint problems, weight loss, hormone imbalance, and low testosterone utilising exosomes. He treats Erectile Dysfunction with acoustic wave treatment, exosomes, and pharmaceuticals. He’s one of two St. Louis ‘GAINSWAVE’-certified doctors. He was a medical director in various St. Louis nursing homes for five years.

Dr. Hassan studied Botox, Filler, Kybella, microneedling, and facial rejuvenation. When not treating patients, publishing research, or giving talks, he enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, reading, and watching movies. He has decades of experience, is committed to ethics and excellence, and has great clinical judgement.