Cosmetic Injectables


Botox is an injectable cosmetic treatment that has effectively reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead, and the mouth. It’s safe and effective, with unobtrusive after-effects that leave you looking like you, with fewer wrinkles. Initial effects could appear in as little as 24 hours, with the actual impact occurring between 2 to 4 weeks. No recovery period is associated with this procedure so you can return to your day. Botox Treatment

Facial Filler

Injections of facial fillers are one form of aesthetic treatment that doesn’t need surgery. Dermal fillers can all remedy wrinkles, creases, and lost volume in the face. Facial fillers are injected into specific areas of the face to add volume and restore a more youthful look. Elective procedures like these often take less than half an hour, and the subsequent downtime is negligible. The effects of dermal fillers are instantaneous and can continue for months or even years, depending on the type of filler and the treatment area. Our Facial filler treatment in St.Peters follows the proper methods to achieve the best results. Facial Filler Treatment


Kybella is  the long-term elimination of submental fat. It is an injectable treatment that, when administered in a series, reduces the appearance of fat in the treated area, creating a more pleasing profile. If you want to get rid of the fat beneath your chin, you may need more than one treatment to achieve your goals. Kybella Treatment