Body Sculp Treatment

Occasionally, dietary and physical changes are not enough. There are several reasons why “simply eat fewer calories and work out more” isn’t the magic answer when trying to lose undesired body fat. Some parts of our bodies, no matter how much effort we put into them, refuse to shrink as we age.

With the advent of diode lasers, sculpting has become much easier. This non-surgical body sculpting method is noninvasive and can permanently eliminate fat cells. It’s risk-free and simple, and you can see results in as little as three months.

Body Sculp is a non-surgical solution for fat reduction. Fat freezing (or cooling) can often be painful and cause lasting damage. Rather than freezing the fat, Body Sculp uses diode-laser technology to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells without damaging the skin’s surface. Body Sculp is specifically created for people who want to avoid liposuction surgery but get the same results without the cost, pain, and downtime.

Body Sculp Procedure

  • You’ll stay awake for your 25-minute session.
  • The surgeon will apply laser diode applicators to your “problem regions.”
  • Fat cells are targeted with lasers.
  • Lasers puncture fat cell membranes.
  • Water, fatty acids, and glycerol enter your body.
  • Your lymphatic system removes them.
  • Your treatments will reduce and eliminate fat cells in these places.

Body Sculp Uses

  • Repair loose skin
  • Repairs fat pockets on the body
  • Firms and tones.

Body Sculp Benefits

  • Gain muscle mass
  • Reduces fat
  • Toning muscles
  • 0 downtime
  • Aids muscle repair after exercise-related trauma

Body Sculp sessions

  • 25 minutes session that heats fat cells and kills them
  • Noninvasive body sculpting
  • Up to 24% permanent fat reduction
  • Three sessions, once a month
  • No downtime


How frequently should you sculpt your body?
A total of 8 sessions are suggested per treated part of the body for optimal results. You must perform these procedures on a consistent, twice-weekly basis.
How many distinct forms of body modification exist?
Both surgical and non-surgical methods can be classified as body contouring. Despite these differences, all fat-reduction procedures work by reducing overall body fat and improving contouring.
When you sculpt, what changes occur to your body?
It can reduce fat, sculpt trouble spots, and tighten loose skin with body contouring. Liposuction, also known as lipolysis, is a noninvasive alternative to traditional liposuction. Tummy tucks, breast lifts, and liposuction can be done surgically.
Can I drink after body sculpting?
Do not drink alcohol for 72 hours before treatment and 3 days afterward. Alcohol use slows the body’s natural fat-burning processes, so it will take longer for the treated area to lose weight.
Preparing for a body-sculpting procedure? What to avoid doing.
For two hours before your scheduled procedure, please abstain from food. Get rid of any body lotion before your treatment. Be sure to remove any hair near or in the treated region. Avoid consuming any form of caffeine or alcohol 24 hours before therapy.