The treatment’s effectiveness stems from the application of precisely modulated radiofrequency energy to the affected areas. This energy heats the deeper layers of the skin and underlying tissues. It stimulates collagen production and promoting tissue remodeling. The protein collagen aids in maintaining the skin’s firmness and structural integrity. Vaginal tissue gets harder, tighter, and more young looking as collagen production rises. ThermiVa Treatment at Alma MedSpa near St. Charles is the best option if you plan to get the treatment done. Our expert doctors here are very much aware of the procedure and help you to have a better life.

ThermiVa is used to address a range of concerns, including:

Vaginal Laxity: Over time, vaginal tissues can lose their elasticity and firmness due to factors such as childbirth and aging. ThermiVa aims to restore tightness and tone to the vaginal area.

Urinary Incontinence: When some women laugh, sneeze, or do other physical actions, urine leaks out. Mild stress urine incontinence may benefit from ThermiVa’s tissue-tightening properties.

Vulvar Laxity: ThermiVa can also be applied to the external genitalia (vulva) to improve its appearance and tightness.

Vaginal Dryness and Discomfort: Vaginal dryness and pain are common side effects of hormonal changes, especially after menopause. ThermiVa’s collagen-stimulating effects may help improve vaginal lubrication and comfort.

Orgasmic Dysfunction: After receiving ThermiVa treatments, some women report increased sexual sensitivity and more satisfying orgasms.

It’s worth stressing that everyone’s experiences will be unique and different. Some women notice vaginal tightness and function improvements with ThermiVa, while others don’t. Redness, swelling, and soreness in the treatment region are dangers and side effects of any medical operation.

Consult a trained medical expert with experience administering ThermiVa treatment before contemplating it. A full medical history, expectations, and outcomes discussion is crucial. It is to establish if ThermiVa is suitable for specific issues. We at Alma MedSpa in St. Charles provide the best ThermiVa Treatment near the St. Charles area from our experienced health care provider Dr. Hassan for those looking for this treatment.

ThermiVa Procedure:

  • Most patients receive three ThermiVa procedures several weeks apart.
  • Sessions typically last between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • The procedure is generally painless.
  • Patients might experience a mild warming sensation during the treatment, but it is usually well-tolerated.

ThermiVa Uses:

  • ThermiVa’s vaginal tightening and toning treatment will refresh you while enhancing your sexual health and performance.
  • Boost your senses and rediscover an new level of enjoyment. ThermiVa has been shown to increase receptivity and the intensity of intimate interactions.
  • Regain bladder control and stop worrying about embarrassing accidents with Stress Incontinence Relief.
  • Improve the look of your intimate areas and adopt a more youthful appearance to complete your aesthetic makeover.

ThermiVa Benefits:

  • Experience more pleasure and sensation with ThermiVa.
  • ThermiVa can help you regain control of your bladder, giving you freedom from stress incontinence.
  • ThermiVa’s non-invasive nature is a major benefit.
  • Unlike surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures, no incisions, sutures, or downtime are associated with ThermiVa treatments.
  • After the operation, patients can immediately return to their regular routines.

ThermiVa employs radiofrequency energy to increase collagen development. It also reduces vaginal tightness, urine incontinence, and health. The procedure’s non-invasive aspect has made it popular. But patients should visit a doctor to determine their appropriateness and have realistic expectations.


In which patients will ThermiVa be most helpful?
Women with vaginal laxity, decreased sensitivity, stress incontinence, etc. may consider ThermiVa. If you’re unsure if the therapy is right for you, a consultation at Alma MedSpa near St. Charles can assist.
How painful is the procedure?
Most people had no adverse reactions to ThermiVa. The process may cause a slight heating feeling but will not hurt. Alma MedSpa’s staff will ensure you’re relaxed and at ease throughout your procedure.
ThermiVa seems fantastic, but I'm unsure where to begin.
Please consult with our trained staff at Alma MedSpa to learn more about ThermiVa before beginning treatment. We will review your questions, concerns, and goals for therapy during the consultation.
Why choose Alma MedSpa for ThermiVa?
Your ease, security, and happiness are our top concerns at Alma MedSpa in St. Charles. Our courteous, competent staff has years of expertise addressing all your needs in a quiet setting and giving the best ThermiVa Treatment near St. Charles.
Does ThermiVa need any recovery time?
One of the advantages of ThermiVa is that there is minimal to no downtime. After finishing therapy, you’ll be back to normal in no time. Because of this, it is a practical choice for people with hectic schedules.