Vascular Reduction

Inadequate blood flow is the primary cause of spider and varicose veins, which are common in adults. Symptoms include extreme weariness, heaviness, restlessness, discomfort, hurting, swelling, or tingling. They’re unsightly in some people’s eyes and can be a source of shame in social situations.

We at Alma MedSpa in Missouri have specialists who work on Vascular reduction treatment in St.Peters, who can effectively reduce and eliminate the appearance of unsightly veins. The laser is applied to the area of concern, heating, and damaging blood vessels, causing them to collapse and seal shut. The damaged vein shrinks and eventually dissolves over time. Cherry angiomas may also be removed in this process, as well as other vascular lesions.

Vascular Reduction Procedure

  • You’ll be released the same day since this is a daycare surgery.
  • Vascular Reduction lasers to heat and damage blood vessels, causing them to collapse and be eliminated.
  • Recommend to wear compression stockings for two weeks after surgery.
  • High-fiber diets and exercise are recommended.
  • At 4-5 days, discomfort may rise. The treatment causes vein irritation. Bruising will fade in a few weeks. The lumpiness under the scars will also go away.

Vascular Reduction Uses

  • Eliminate Unwanted Blood Vessels
  • Target and destroy blood vessels

Vascular Reduction Benefits

  • Reduced Pain
  • Minimally invasive surgery that leaves no visible scars
  • minimally harmful
  • Procedure for daycare
  • Rapid recuperation

Vascular Reduction Session

  • One to six, or more, treatments may be needed.
  • The average is three to four.
  • Individual veins require one to three or more treatments. Treated vessels will typically fade away over six months.


How Does Vascular Reduction Work?
For the most part, the blood vessels are damaged by laser heat in the process of Vascular Reduction, then collapse and are eliminated by the body. This treatment results in a less obvious appearance of the veins treated.
Does Vascular Reduction Hurt?
It is common for patients to report feeling a slight stinging or a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin during the Vascular Reduction process.
If Varicose Veins aren't treated, what are the consequences?
Although varicose veins are neither dangerous nor damaging to the body, they can lead to other health issues if left untreated. Some problems that can arise from it are superficial thrombosis, venous eczema, venous pigmentation, and venous ulcers.
To what extent do I require multiple sessions of treatment?
Typically, the best results from this treatment come after receiving a set number of regularly scheduled services. The size and intensity of the problem area determine how many sessions are necessary. Your specialist should be able to offer you an estimated duration based on their examination.
Are there any advantages and disadvantages to having laser surgery for varicose veins?
In comparison to other medical procedures, this one is highly efficient and carries a minimal danger of undesirable side effects.