Semaglutide Weight Loss

Semaglutide, a new drug treatment for chronic weight management, to use in conjunction with lifestyle intervention. Semaglutide helps to promote weight loss by mimicking a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). This hormone targets brain areas were responsible for regulating appetite and food intake. At Alma MedSpa in Missouri, our experts-led Semaglutide weight loss treatment program is best for weight loss treatment. We recommend the correct dosage of Semaglutide that can work by controlling and reducing a person’s need, making a weight loss journey less uncomfortable and more maintainable than ever!

Participants in a recent trial study lost an average of 37 lbs with the once-a-week dosage of Semaglutide! In the largest placebo-controlled trial, the participants who received the Semaglutide lost 12.4% of their initial body weight compared to those who received the placebo. Those results speak for themselves!

When you come to Alma MedSpa for physician-led semaglutide treatment for weight loss in St. Peters, Missouri, we can help you eliminate the excess fat.

Semaglutide Procedure

  • Check your blood sugar often when starting this medication, especially before and after meals and bedtime.
  • Follow your doctor’s diet carefully.
  • This drug is injected under your stomach, thighs, or upper arm. Give yourself shots in different places. Track where you deliver each injection to rotate bodily parts.
  • Check pen liquid. Clear and colorless. Cloudy, discolored, or particle-filled fluids should not be used.
  • Inject the drug using a new needle.
  • Never share pharmaceutical pens.
  • Use this drug once a week, with or without food.

Semaglutide Uses

  • Sustainable methods for weight loss
  • Controlling type 2 diabetes
  • Reduces the danger of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and death in those with type 2 diabetes
  • Minimizes the potential for developing cardiovascular disease or other vascular problems

Semaglutide Benefits

  • A decrease in fat mass, blood pressure, and inflammatory indicators.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reduces high glucagon levels in fasting and after eating.
  • Raises insulin production by b cells and lowers pancreatic glucagon production.
  • Promotes brain fullness
  • Slow intestinal gastric emptying to make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Decreases hemoglobin A1c
  • Reduces weight


How long does it take for semaglutide to work for weight loss?
In the first two weeks of treatment, you should begin to see the effects of Semaglutide and the beginning of weight loss.
what happens if you stop taking semaglutide?
A study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that stopping semaglutide causes weight gain and may reverse the cardiovascular benefits found while taking the drug.
How long does it take to see results from semaglutide?
After one week of taking Ozempic (semaglutide) at your usual maintenance dose, you should see a significant decrease in your blood sugar levels. However, because this is a long-acting medicine, the full benefits may not be seen for up to 8 weeks after the final weekly injection.
Is it better to take semaglutide in the morning or night?
Use this medicine on the same day each week, at any time, with or without meals.
Is semaglutide worth it for weight loss?
If semaglutide is effective, it can lead to a 15% reduction in body weight, but it is not a miracle drug.